Apply for a Grant

How to Apply

Ensure Your Project is Eligible

Before applying, carefully review the Grants FAQ.

Ensure you have a Registered Charity Number

You are required to be a registered charity in order to be considered for funding from the community grants scheme. Proof of your status is required at the registration stage, prior to applying.

Create or Login to Your Account

You will submit your grant application via our secure online system. Create an account or login from the bottom of this page.

Complete the Online Application

You will be asked to provide the following information on the online application. You can always save your answers and return later if you need more time.

  • Date(s) and location(s) of project events (please note that grant funding is not provided for more than one year at a time)
  • Final event agenda(s) (please do not include the names or affiliations of presenting speakers)
  • Target audience and publicity plan
  • Detailed project budget, including a breakdown of how you will use the funds requested from Gilead, as well as total estimated project expenses
  • Number of medical education credits offered and accreditation information (where applicable)

It usually takes at least eight weeks for a grant submission review and outcome. This can be longer when clarification or follow up on incomplete information is required. Please ensure you apply in good time as grants cannot be made retrospectively.

Please note, in order to comply with EFPIA and country codes of practice, Gilead publicly discloses grant support made to patient organisations and healthcare organisations via its website and ABPI/IPHA websites (as applicable). Specifically, details of all successful grantees from Gilead UK and Ireland Corporate Contributions are published on an annual basis. The details will include the name of the organisation, a brief description of the activity and the amount of support provided.

Contact Us

For more information, general enquiries or questions on a specific application, email us at [email protected] and we will support you with your request.

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