From the Margins

This book is unique. By design, the words are printed in the margins, making it a challenging book to read.

People are marginalised because of the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, their religion, and their social background – and then they can be marginalised further if they contract certain illnesses.

From the Margins tells the stories of six remarkable people. Their words tell tales of hardship, discrimination, and injustice. Joshua, Husseina, Kieron, Leanne, Stewart and Rebecca have all overcome marginalisation to help others. They have prevailed and come in from the margins, however there are many who do not.

From the Margins includes a foreword by Professor David Olusoga OBE, globally renowned social historian, author, and someone well known for his commentary on diversity and racial issues. The afterword, written by Gilead Sciences Inc, UK and Ireland General Manager, Véronique Walsh, reflects on how diverse inequalities are. The stories of the advocates remind us that to support people in the margins, we must listen, learn, and change so we can we break down barriers to better support distinctive individuals and communities.

At Gilead, we are committed to tackling marginalisation and delivering health equity. We hope that you will be inspired to share the stories of the remarkable individuals in the book and help to elevate their voices and their important message.

You can find the full e-book of From the Margins available for reading here.

UK-UNB-4422 August 2023